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V. Docuceaev
N. Dimo

The Institute was established on 16 February 1953 as the Moldovan branch of the SA (Scientific Academy) of USSR in wich worked 5 departments: Soil Science, Agrochemistry, Soil biology, Soil improvement and Experimental station to combat soil erosion. Initiative of institute foundation belong to our fellow citizen, academician Nicolae Dimo, famous pedologist-scientist, outstanding personality in the natural sciences. The event completes the foundation of the institution destined solve and coordination the research in soil science, which contributes to the development and solving the problems of national economy.

Reorganization  by transformation, MD 0084563 din 03.09.2008
Accreditation, Certificate  P nr.050 din 26.01.2012

Profile “Soil resoursces:  assessment, protection, improvement, the increase of fertilization, sustainable use”
In the Strategic Direction "Agricultural Biotechnologies, soil fertility and food security"
Institute of Pedology, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection "Nicolae Dimo" act 3 Scientific Councils CNAA approved to support the thesis of doctor of science in specialties:

03.00.27 – pedology,

06.01.03 – agropedology,

06.01.04 – agrochimistry

Institute of Pedology, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection "Nicolae Dimo" is one of establisher of journal "Agricultural Science"



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